New "Best of" compilation listed on Amazon - Apr 27 2018 release?

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By Anonymous on Feb 9, 2018 at 3:47 AM
  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    UPDATE Feb. 11:

    An anonymous person posted the link:

    Warner Music Japan release site

    UPDATE 10:30 AM PT:

    Posted by guru_mosh:

    According to German retailer this will be a reissue of the "Suedehead" best of compilation.

    Morrissey: Suedehead - The Best Of Morrissey (SHM-CD)(reissue) - jpc

    *** Japan-Import

    Amazon sites indicate a new ? Best Of Morrissey compilation for April 27, 2018.

    Anyone have any details?

    Link / screenshot posted by Famous when dead:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2018 (read-only)' started by Anonymous, Feb 9, 2018.

    1. gordyboy9
      is this not the thing famouswhendead posted the other day or has this been updated.
    2. Southpaw=Best Album
      Southpaw=Best Album
      I just hope it features Southpaw and The Operation since those are some of his very very VERY best, Southpaw is possibly the greatest Morrissey song of all time.
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    3. inourbritches
      How many does that make?
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    4. Bluebirds
      I mentioned on the RIP MES thread the sttong influence I believe Mark E Smith had over Morrissey. I should have also mentioned the regular release of pointless compilation albums too.

      What's the actual point in these days of Spotify?
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    5. Anonymous
      How do the other best of albums do on Spotify. Some people still go for them when checking out a new artist thinking it'll actually be the best songs or most representative songs of the period. I've never been a fan though
    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Indeed. Link to mystery release here:

      It has been updated to include the words 'best of' rather than a 3 letter code since first sharing and also the date went from the 18th to the 27th. The 'import' tag is making me think it's a reissue perhaps?
      Here's a picture as Amazon still manage to hijack the url depending on if you shop with them and take you to your country's portal and it's only on the US site (the link should work in the US).

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    7. mcrickson
      "Greatest Hits" was released what, 10 years ago? This has got to be the "Legacy Edition" :p
      For sure, if it were a new one, there aren't many potential titles left to choose from. "Morrissey: Only the Best"
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    8. g23
      To release another Greatest hits would imply that he's released greatness in the last 10 years, and furthermore, hits.
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    9. Peppermint
      Ah, but that depends on the marketing strategy. Maybe they'll go for a different angle not previously covered, such as 'Morrissey: Best of the Clunkers that Didn't Chart', or perhaps, 'Morrissey: The Jesse Tobias Years'.
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    10. Anonymous
      hopefully it's a 3 disc solo career spanning complication, rather than 10 songs that Moz thinks are his greatest hits
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    11. swift eclipse
      swift eclipse
      I can't wait to not buy this.
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    12. guru_mosh
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    13. Halloway
      But you'll have to because it will contain the previously-unreleased track 'Moon River (Extended Bagpipe Mix)'.
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    14. swift eclipse
      swift eclipse
      Will that be similar to the nine minute version that was originally released known as Moonriver (Extended Windbag Mix)?
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    15. SweetnTenderYorkshireman
      Yes, still not appropriate yet, he still has loads of time to add to his catalogue, but I did this on my streaming service

      The Definitive Collection!

      Suedehead - Playboys - Alsatian Cousin - November Spawned - Maudlin St - A Place In Hell - Sunday - My Love Life - Certain People I Know - Sing Your Life - Our Frank
      Glamorous Glue - Billy Budd - Fatty - Now My Heart Is Full - I Know Its Gonna Happen Someday - We’ll Let You Know - The More You Ignore Me - Boxers - Find Out For Yourself - Boy Racer - Southpaw - Sunny - Speedway
      Maladjusted - Jack The Ripper - Whatever Happens I Love You - Satan Rejected - Trouble Loves Me - Swallow On My Neck - First Of The Gang - Boy Happy - Camden - Irish Blood - You Have Killed Me - Far Off Places - Black Cloud - Life Is A Pigsty -
      Paris - Spent The Day In Bed - Istanbul - Ganglord - One Of Our Own - Never Played Symphonies - Oboe Concerto - Home Is a Question Mark
    16. Anonymous
      Here is the tracklisting for the new 'Best Of':
      1. World Peace Is None Of Your Business
      2. Neal Cassady Drops Dead
      3. I'm Not A Man
      4. Istanbul
      5. Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
      6. Staircase at the University
      7. The Bullfighter Dies
      8. Kiss Me a Lot
      9. Smiler With A Knife
      10. Kick the Bride Down the Aisle
      11. Mountjoy
      12. Oboe Concerto
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    17. Mauricey
      That's a terrible cover
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    18. g23
      He had to put his bare hairy arse in the gatefold of the last one to get it to sell. What next? Cock n balls?
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    19. g23
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