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New Balls Please
The Case of the Missing Balls

- By P. Katsis

Ho Hum……..another boring day, another boring story in The Guardian about Morrissey.

How long ago was that comment about Mr Robinson? More than a month ago?

And The Guardian are still writing about it?

Must be sad for the editors to know they need to write about Morrissey in order to have anyone buy or read their shit paper.

Must be even more disappointing for them that the event they helped back in Manchester on Sunday night was a complete failure.

No one attended.

Bottom line is Morrissey doesn’t need Mr Lee, or The Guardian, for anything.

He is still doing quite fine, even in the UK.

At this point The Guardian could not be more predictable. More insignificant to the music audience. I did not think that possible to be honest.

Most folks know The Guardian has had it out for M for years now.

And most folks realize that when the Guardian prints a headline saying Former Morrissey fans plan an anti-racist rally, …..
that nobody involved with planning the rally was an ex-Morrissey fan.

The Guardian is but one thing.

Where are the music writers who actually have balls? Are there any contrarians left out there?

Anyone that appreciates that an artist actually has any opinions at all?

Or still writes socially conscious lyrics in his music?

We all hate Trump over here, but I’d like to think we are not all mindless idiots with the same cookie-cutter opinions on every subject.

Since when do the N.M.E. and Noisey agree with The Guardian about anything?

Where has the “Underground" gone?

Plus let’s face it…...

Despite what you think of his political opinions, has anyone known Morrissey to have actually committed a crime?

Or even been accused of committing any crimes?

Do you really think he backs everything that Tommy Robinson believes? Or just his thoughts on Immigration?

When he talks about The Chinese being a sub-species, is he really talking about the Chinese people??

Or is he more than likely making reference to the Chinese government and their unforgivable treatment of animals?

When he starts a comment off by declaring that he hates rape, and hates to hear that anyone has to deal with abuse…..

is he really backing up Kevin Spacey like every headline posted???

Or was he saying it was unlikely that particular 14 year old didn’t suspect what he was getting into by going to that room?

By making any commentary, does Morrissey deserve the same treatment by the press as Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, R Kelly, or Brand New?

People that have actually been accused rape and abuse?

So why does he get included with all of them? Because his opinions deserve that inclusion? Give me a break.

How come there is never a voice raised to point out the obvious?

Because the bottom line is it’s always a better headline when an editor hand picks the parts of the comment that implies the worst.

Certainly controversy has always been king, but never so much as it is now in this “click bait” world that we live in.

Controversy pays off big. So who are we kidding? It’s clear these editors have their agenda set. Pure capitalism.

And if you are a “Has-Been Haslam” type, and you have a book coming out, then….. why not take a shot?

The press will cover it and you’ll get some attention you can’t get any other way.

Smarter people are hopefully not fooled by that kind of crap, but…..some people only read the headlines, and…...

...what’s sad is if folks read enough of those headlines they almost become fact in the ether of today’s version of “the truth”.

Of course I have to admit I’m just a Yank so I can’t even pretend to be an expert on the UK press or British politics.

Although it certainly appeared to be a very interesting day in politics in London yesterday.

The world is a mess right now. Plenty of liberals have mixed opinions for the first time.

And certainly in this age of political correctness and #metoo it would be best to say nothing.

But from this outsiders view, and what no one seems willing to say, is that the UK press seems to have lost their balls somewhere.

Has anyone seen them? - PK

Save the messenger shooting please.

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For future reference, the product is named 'Tipp-Ex.'

It drives me to distraction. I am the original grammar Nazi. I get twitchy in restaurants if the menu isn't punctuated correctly. I have long nurtured a fantasy of sneaking out in the dead of night with a marker pen and a pot of Tippex, and roaming around the town correcting all the signs that say 'Apple's £1 kg'. You're right, there's no pride any more. People think it doesn't matter. Oh, but it does! :head-smack:

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