"Never trust a Hippie" - John Lydon responds to Rolling Stone mag article

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    Apr 25, 2006
    His response:

    We were surprised to see you in ‘Rolling Stone’ last month. Not only because it was 18 months too late, but there wasn’t even a mention on the cover! You wouldn’t have known it was in there. Very strange.

    </B>I frankly find it pathetic that it took them so long to print an article that’s already out of date. That’s a long time to spend on a hatchet job, they must have really been struggling to find flaws. And secondly the article was about us not going to the Hall of Fame – yet it isn’t! ...

    ...‘Rolling Stone’ is the complete dogs bollocks of establishment but it likes to pretend it’s very lefty and trendy. Which it isn’t. It’s as bourgeois as ever. It really is pompous. It’s Clinton’s Saxophone! (laughs) It’s written for a smug kind of in-crowd. It’s for like Hippies I suppose from that generation; that have grown up into corporate lawyers. And this is the kind of way they like to read about their music. I think though, they especially picked us out for a slamming. Which to my mind shows an undercurrent of affection for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; rather than the band. It’s more celebrating the museum than the actual artifact."

    The Rolling Stone article:

    more response of Lydon's to articles about him:
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    Admittedly, posting the article this late is kind of weird and pointless, however, the man is a genius. He's the only artist who's personally affected me as much as Morrissey, not just with the Pistols who are fantastic/amazing/wonderful/supercool but also with Public Image Limited who created some of the most interesting and challenging alternative music I've heard. I'm just glad it saw the light of day.

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