Never Heard Symphonies (updated, resequenced, etc) -2018-

A long overdue update of my anthology of Morrissey songs which did not appear on any original-run catalog albums...this includes uncollected b-sides, demos, alternate mixes, live tracks of note, session performances, bonus tracks from re-issues, fan edits, etc.

An ongoing project in reverse chronological order.

Many, many thanks to the innumerable individuals who made these tracks available in the first place, both here on Solo and elsewhere...I only take credit for curating everything into one tidy collection; in very few instances did I personally provide any of this audio the first time around.

Having said that...

Low In High School era

(updated 1.16.18)

amendment pack 1.17.18
(includes the other nine LIHS backing tracks, a fan edit of Spent The Day In Bed by Irregular Regular, and the re-positioned live version of Glamorous Glue)

amendment pack 1.18.18
29 Spent The Day In Bed (Graham Norton live)


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Thank you, sir. Are you sure you don’t want to add the instrumental versions of all the LIHS tracks? I personally would include them for completenesses’ sake.

How long ago did you change your name from Skylarker? I hadn't noticed.
The Low In High School folder has been significantly edited and a new upload/link has replaced the original.

Changes include the additions of the instrumental backing tracks, a 2017 live version of Glamorous Glue, the full Jools Holland performance, and a handful of tracks which had previously been compressed from FLAC or wav to 160 (accidentally) and which have now been compressed from source to 320.

A new tracklist screenshot has also been put up.

Sorry for any inconvenience involved in having to re-download but this is a pretty big project that is all about completism and, as noted prior, it's a work in progress...
Not technically part of the Never Heard Symphonies comp (which will be resumed tonight with the three-volume ROTT set) but here's a re-up of Nothing Ever Dies, which is my compilation of live solo versions of Smiths songs, now updated to include I Started Something I Couldn't Finish.

Nothing Ever Dies

UPDATE 2-1-18 :
What She Said (Wireless 02 Fest 2008) has been replaced with the 2016 Santa Barbara performance of the song. The Wireless 02 version had serious audio glitches. Many thanks to Famous When Dead for ripping the audio from SER's video of the show. Get the update here.

nothing ever dies cover).jpg


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Fabulous stuff...huge thanks for all the effort that has gone into these is so much appreciated by so many!
It looks like there are only Jacky, IWYL and STDIB listed in the screen shot for the instrumentals.
Say what?

In the first post (NHS_LIHS era.jpg), the screen shot image only shows Spent The Day In Bed (Instrumental), Jacky's... (Instrumental) and I Wish You Lonely (Instrumental), but the entire LIHS album is available as instrumental...
There were individual threads as the first 3 were 'leaked' - culminating in the 'leaker' not using a go-between for the rest - that thread is here if interested (the file link was removed):
You can be forgiven for not noticing it as it was a general discussion post rather than in this section. Roberto & I put the first 3 here as they became available, but the rest then appeared elsewhere and I think some have missed them as a result.
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The Low In High School-era folder has been amended. Details, the amendment pack, and the complete updated tracklist can be found in the corresponding post at the beginning of this thread.
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