Never before seen Moz snaps???

Gin N Tonic Jil

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So I ditched work today, and decided to take inventory/clean-up my Moz magazine memorabilia out in the garage. My missus had be on me for a few years to do this. Its a beatiful L.A. day
, got stoned and got to it.
I came across these. I am not the shooter, they were sold to me by some kid that called himself "Magic", at the Montebello Town Center yeeeears ago. Some of you might have seen these but, for those of you who havent...salud.


The live gig one, I think is from the first Hollywood Bowl gig he'd done. I could be wrong.
LOVIN' Gaz's tats. This pics f***in DOUBLE ACES!


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Thanks for sharing those, Jil. Wow, that live one is pretty amazing! Looks like some of those were snapped outside the Sunset Marquis, with the sign visible behind Gaz's head.

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Thanking you Jil.
I tell you, on that 'Kill Uncle' tour, whether it's an on-stage shot or an off-stage candid I have yet to see a single image of Moz that is anything other than absobloodylutely gorgeous;

Why is that ?

Well I Wonder

Now, Today, Tomorrow.....

Gin N Tonic Jil

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Aww, thank you so much , Gin N Tonic Jil , for the pics !

The first one is just too lovely for words and the last one is just moviestarresque!

Agreed. Exit Smiling

Gin N Tonic Jil

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All these snaps are L.A. the birth of MozAngeles....LA back then was SCORTCHIN'! with MozMania. he f***in looked M-I-N-T.
And actually this kid Magic had sold me a set of 32, ALL JUST AS AMAZING as these, HOWEVER, I moved out of my parents house and had to put some stuff in storage, some c***s thought it be cool to bust into my storage and burgle my shit. I had a photo frame that held 30 photos and they f***in racked it! Someone must have these. That kid told me he'd sold like 20sets of them.:confused:


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17 years ago this time of the year Morrissey came to Japan for the first time.
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