Never Again Will I Be A Twin (drDJ dance mix)

Stumbled into this on YouTube.

What is the snippet of song at the beginning? "When we'll go, nobody knows"...??




Blue Dreamers Eyes
Verse 3:
In a space under stone
Where do we go? Nobody knows

Nathan Steggles

...proving that polishing a turd can indeed be done in reverse.
Do you come in here just to affirm the fact that you are a cunt? Please let me know because I am genuinely interested. The mix is shit. I think the song is actually quite poor yet at least I can put it with an eloquence that you seem sadly lacking


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Ossie posted this at 3.28. Peter added his mentalist comment at...3.28.

Get a fucking job you complete twat.
Professor in charge of watching countdown


i quite like it.and yes you can polish a big shit all you need is a microfibre cloth and type of cleaner then rub in a circular motion,there you go,spotless,

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Ever Felt Had?
I'm guessing this won't be a big smash hit in da clubs.
Listen to the lines "Never again, because the human race is obsolete / Has faded away just like it sated in"
This right here is what ya call a Moz prophecy.
He's lettin' ya know that the human reign is over and now it's gettin' ready to be Turkey world.
The human has transmuted the earth into a human cube and made things real square and corny.
The Turkey is circular and will allow the earth to spin again in it's proper harmonious motion.
Oh ye Turkeys of the world!
Ye tender Birds of wonder!
Sent to implement the laws of love!
To rebirth this earth into a paradise!


That reminded me of something someone put in my drink in 1996.

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