Netflix's Daybreak Can't Escape Its Huge Morrissey Problem - CBR

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by the_kaz, Nov 10, 2019.

By the_kaz on Nov 10, 2019 at 4:54 PM
  1. the_kaz

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    Mar 19, 2008
    London, U.K.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by the_kaz, Nov 10, 2019.

    1. gordyboy9
      because Ms face doesn't fit and never will whereas someone like bowie will always get a pass into sainthood.
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    2. countthree
      I don't watch zombies on TV either, it's disturbingly similar to real life: the return of the living dead. Maybe we live in the same region.
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    3. Peppermint
      This is so embarrassingly juvenile that I think having Morrissey's music in it is the least of their problems.
    4. countthree
      Well, it's Netflix...
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    5. Anonymous
      95% of all male rock stars in the 70's were knee-deep in willing teenage groupies - why wouldn't they be? Armies of nubile girls following them around from venue to venue, hotel to hotel, they were unlikely to stop and ask to see some ID for proof they were of legal age. Along with drugs and booze that was the whole rockstar scene back then. It's just that some have been publicly outed, and some haven't. If people are going to be that offended, we'll need to 'cancel culture' the entire decade, and probably a large chunk of the 60's and 80's as well.
    6. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      Bowie? The guy who greeted journalists with a Nazi salute, and collected fascist memorabilia? Surely not!
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    7. It'sNotFunnyAnymore
      It is a shit production! Zombies for teenagers with humour created by very simple minds!
      If I was Morrissey I wouldn't let them use my songs even if they paid for the rights to do so!
    8. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      On the broad point, a cultural/historical revision—fuelled by the evil of resentment—is exactly what’s on the cards in the UK. And it’s why Morrissey is becoming more relevant and important than he’s ever been. He embodies the fight against this fascism.
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    9. Famous when dead
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    10. DavidK
      I am North American sure, as much as you are likely a European. I can also assure you that I am not eight, and am also far more mature and educated than you.
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    11. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Nice little tip of the hat from Morrissey to Nevin, I’m sure he could use the pocket change.

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    12. bhops
      This works surprisingly well a s duet, I hope to see it done properly in the future by people who can actually sing.
    13. The Truth
      The Truth
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    14. marred
      It's not that far off a comparison. What with both shows being total garbage n' all. There is that.
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    15. Anonymous
      I have no doubt you are more well educated cause people like that these tend to very childish and stupid but until you provide a copy if your CV we will never know.

      You will never match my CV and the number of jobs I have had in various fields. You sure are no scholar though those tend to be very far removed from reality so a show like that is perfect for your kind.

      Come back with more Miss thong went wrong!
    16. DavidK
      Oh the irony. Anyways, do anonymous trolls actually have CV's? And howy fields within the customer service/retail/fast food industry have you worked?
    17. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      Ya gotta giv'em credit for prominently presentin' Moz's song in that manner.
      The meanin' of the words were just what that girl needed to hear.
      Now she is able to move on.
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    18. Anonymous
      Not from the flipping burger generation like you and in my day I said no to many jobs which is something your generation cannot do cause that freedom is not there. But since you all voted for more immigration no one feels sorry for you having to flip burgers say yes to jobs you hate.

      You need more education if you watch shit like that and even defend it online. The biggest mistake some make is thinking education means they know more and vote right and choose the right things in life. You can only know about the narrow field you are educated in so an engineer is not a political expert but they seem to think they are.

      You refuse to produce a CV and we all know why. A well educated person never watches Netflix and would sure as hell never pay for it when it is all free online.

      A well educated person chooses to pay for Netflix and a less educated person watches it all free online using the internet broadband to its max for all kinds of things. This clearly shows that the well educated person is not as clever as others after all.

      You have no understanding of intelligence but people from your generation are lost for all time brainwashed as you are so in the context perhaps it makes sense that you watch shit.
    19. Anonymous
      I won't say sorry for spelling errors that are the fabrication of moderators on here, one or perhaps a few of them change my posts all the time here and there changing letters which shows their insecure level.

      The earlier post is a more perfect example of their work on here. I wish David would have more pride than to hire utter morons who failed in life. But a well educated man like him doesn't have such high standards after all so again education means nothing and tells you nothing about a person.

      Moderators are really the first people we should replace with new technique that is already out there but for David it makes sense that they hire people in far east asia to press buttons in elevators/lifts.

      Why are subspecies unable to protect others from their cough when the japanese wear protection when they have a cold?

      Studies some chinese people in Stockholm and realised why Moz labelled them like he did. They cough and fart and laugh and scream and burp and so on. Awful people who under communism learned a disregard for others and manners was probably anti communist behaviour.

      I think we should appreciate the bourgeoisie and middle class more not to mention the proper upper class people.
    20. Anonymous
      Still waiting for a CV!

      It is so funny with your generation that you are so bitter about the fact that you have to study hard to get no jobs. Then we have the american dilemma where american education is of such lower standard that americans moving to Europe have to add to their studies here in order to get jobs. Not surprising when your school system hands out free grades to young men playing football to represent a school where those men only have to learn the american national anthem and be able to crack a Budweiser open by bashing it against their head.

      When greek symbols are thought to be kinky sex positions where they have free kegs for everyone dude. I cannot feel sorry for your failed generation. Your uncertainty and imitation of older people doesn't impress anyone. You copy gay people for sophistication and think others are impressed not seeing through you.

      It would humour me if you came back with a few examples of movies you watch that would probably make someone like Robby look like a scholar from film school with impeccable taste.

      Call me!

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