Netflix's Daybreak Can't Escape Its Huge Morrissey Problem - CBR


Netflix LOL

They killed off the industry good and proper they did.

Sad really!
That's the complicated way to tell people that MORRISSEY FEATURES IN A NEW TV SHOW.

Normally you'd have someone from the midwest throwing themselves at the keyboard to reveal this bit of oh so important info that immediately makes us all forget all our developed country issues for a brief second.

Since this is the only genre I do not watch when it comes to movies and tv series I will not watch a single second from it but countless others will.
I watched the trailer and could not believe what I saw. Normally this would be a show for 12 year olds but make that 8.

Are they for real?

Can you make something as useless and that and get away with it in 2019?
It's a show which is like Glee with zombies and basically a comedy with senseless dialogue that makes the people of Gilmore Girls seem normal. The americans had real coffee and not decaff and that is the disaster here.
Stick to weed and being all passive aggressive instead.
It is up to each of us to form our own conclusions about wanting or not to carry on listening to Morrissey.

In the same way Amazon has contributed enormously to destroy the independent retail industry, Netflix is helping to destroy the independent film industry.
I'm boycotting Netflix until they pull the show, and re-edit the episodes so that it features the music of Billy Bragg instead. Who's with me? Let's get a Twitter movement going!!!
Yeah, the gays and Muslims at Netflix - it's them that done it, says Reelfountain and Hofmann, innit.
The weird thing about this new thread is that skinny hasn’t posted yet... mmmm I’m getting a bit worried?? Or maybe he has decided to check into the local mental hospital... you never know???
Huge problem. It’s hard to take people seriously when they say things like this
You are aware that THIS is the only way Melvis makes the news, aren’t you? He thrives off the loathing. He creates the dumpster fire and then cries, “What, me?”

It doesn’t sell his shitty records or get him any airplay but it keeps his name in the news. ...and THAT let’s him sell other people's records, with his autograph on them for £300.

Basic barrel-scraping marketing and economics, kids. ;)
Funny how it’s fine to listen to Bowie even though he had sex with 14 year olds. I’m not saying that’s right, but some liberal commentators almost seem able to select what they are offended by.

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