Nergal of Behemoth on being a Morrissey fan, avoiding politics

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Truth, Dec 13, 2019.

By The Truth on Dec 13, 2019 at 3:21 PM
  1. The Truth

    The Truth about Ruth

    Jan 15, 2019

    Starts at 1:57 talking about how politics should be separate from music. Talks about Morrissey starting at 2:35


Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Truth, Dec 13, 2019.

    1. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888


      nergal of behemoth. reminds me of the Communist of the Old Folk Home.:lbf:
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    2. bored
      Nermal of Garfield.. who the fuck are these people? Another week another story from another person I've never heard of..

      I googled the guy.

      Today I learned they have death metal in Poland.. so I got that going for me.
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    3. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Death he lives in his lovely Habitat flat?......should be living in a dungeon.
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    4. Mozzer1980
      Nergal probably doesn't know that satan rejected Morrissey's soul :smilingimp:
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    5. The Truth
      The Truth
      I had to google "Nermal of Garfield," but I'm not claiming that my ignorance has any bearing on its cultural significance. Sometimes it's good to become aware of something you've never heard of.
      Your comment "another week..." implies that you think this person mentioned Morrissey in order to get publicity but Morrissey is only mentioned briefly and was not the point of the interview. He is discussed for a minute or so in a half hour interview. It's not a blog post about cancelling Morrissey by someone trying to get attention.
      Nergal talks about how when he did become somewhat active politically in Poland the opposition used his image to discredit the causes and candidates he supported. In Poland blasphemy is illegal and he had to fight court cases for years while also battling cancer.
      They also visit a museum during the interview and look at the works of a Polish artist who is currently the subject of a Netflix documentary.

      Not having heard of something doesn't mean it's a bad thing and it's kind of arrogant to celebrate your ignorance or judge the validity of things by whether or not you are aware of them. I don't listen to much death metal but there is almost no music in the interview. It's interesting to me to see someone become successful on their own terms making "extreme" art as opposed to trying to create something that will appeal to the widest audience. I stumbled on this interview because that channel does interesting interviews with lots of musicians who I might not necessarily listen to. But I did learn from watching this.
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    6. GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn
      I saw Behemoth live last year. They put on a hell of a show (no pun intended). I don't like Nergal as a person but Behemoth have been extremely influential and I'm not surprised Loudwire chose The Satanist as metal album of the decade. The video was interesting and I didn't know Nergal was a Morrissey fan, so thanks for posting it.
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    7. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888

      you 'are not claiming that your ignorance has any bearing on its CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE????"

      what exactly does that mean???? WTF?????:straightface:

      'not having heard of something doesnt mean its a bad thing and its "KIND OF ARROGANT" ( wtf)
      to celebrate your ignorance or judge the validity of things by whether or not you are aware of them'.


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    8. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888
      a Satanist dude called Behemoth with a huge Le Pew tattoo like on his neck, doesnt want to delve into what Moz may have said in and interview. :lbf: it may upset his sensitivity.:rofl:
      he ll stick to his 'blasphemies' thank you.:lbf:

      What a bunch of nutjobs.:crazy:
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    9. gashonthenail
      'when someone gets offended it speaks about themselves and not the source of the offence'

      Nice comment. Skinny - open to some reflection?
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    10. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Nergal refuses to ‘dig there’ ...


      Well, if folks would dig deeper they
      just may find that Morrissey is not a racist.

      Just saying.

      Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
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    11. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888

      maybe Untruth should bring in Barnaby, have him explain in detail how (-:paranoid:-) NOT being aware of a 'satanist' named Behemoth with the sign of the beast tats on his neck may make him a good person and a cultural influence.:lbf:
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    12. Nerak
      The Labour Party right now is making Morrissey Solo AND Morrissey look completely sane & reasonable, so I don't think anyone needs to worry about being a Morrissey fan anymore.
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    13. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888
      Haslaam, Skinny all the other fucko labour commie cucks f-ed with Moz and now they are paying the price.
      Moz gave them all the evil eye:eyes:

      RIP to the lot of twats.:shower:
    14. The Truth
      The Truth
      I don't know that much about Nergal besides seeing a lot of references to him and his band in the metal community. I'm more into "doom" than black metal or death metal. But I am curious about your opinion of him. Is it his personality or something he has done?
    15. rifke
      I don't think loneliness really exists, or not as people think it does. I think loneliness is not feeling separate from other people, but seperate from yourself, not connected to your internal universe. people look for solace to their loneliness in other people but it's really themselves to which they should look. I think that's why I never experience loneliness--im too filled up with my self (which is not the same thing as being "full of yourself"). all your're filled up with is alcohol, how can you not think you're lonely?
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    16. rifke
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    17. vegan cro spirit 888
      vegan cro spirit 888
      Dale, I think you are free from that annoying old crank, Barnaby who has been posting meters on you while promoting chopping peeps into pieces.o_O
      He objects to getting happy on liquor but is is all for having peeps put inside a wood chipper:rage:
    18. The Truth
      The Truth
      I think the point is more that "fans" should listen to the music if they like it but try to avoid unhealthy identification with a person they can't really know anyway.
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    19. GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn
      It's a bit of both, really. I think he says a lot of stuff just to spark controversy. He flirts with NSBM by wearing shirts of bands clearly associated with that scene and not distancing himself enough from it.
      He just doesn't come across as a nice person in my opinion but it seems that he mellowed a bit after surviving leukaemia.

      There were also some nasty stories about him witnessing/possibly taking part in the raping of a fan 15 years ago or so. But as far as I know he's never been charged and I haven't researched him well enough to have a proper opinion on this particular case.
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