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why post all these negative review`s of morrissey`s new album #world peace is none of your business? we should be posting POSITIVE review`s about him and the GREAT album he & his brilliant musician`s have made , not NEGATIVE , let`s end this clap trap
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Because we aren't all a bunch of totally brainwashed sheep who think EVERYTHING Morrissey does is brilliant? And, given the nature of an online forum, we enjoy exchanging our opinions about Morrissey's work, either in recorded, written, or performed format?
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That one 0/10 review was harsh.
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The negative reviews seem to be rolling in of late. I have found most of them to be pretty lame with no real reason to dislike the album. It's same Ol' blah,blah, blah... Concert cancellations(so tired of hearing that), Morrissey is not the Smiths (also tired), etc. It's like they just copy information from other negative reviews and probably haven't listened to a Morrissey album in years. I don't think everything Moz does is brilliant but I think this album is pretty darn close to being so. With each listen it gets better and better. That hasn't happened in a long time.
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There's lots of good shit in the bad reviews. They're essential. Zero the Hero, bitches!!!!!!!
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I started off thinking it was poo, but I changed my mind and now I'm completely floored by it.
I've had Mountjoy on repeat for like the last hour and it's going to be in my head for days.
I think the whole album is perfect.
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It's funny because no other established artist would receive a 0/10 review.

This album isn't a 10/10 but it's far from a pile of shit. But it isn't the Smiths so of course we will always have that handful of reviewers trying to bury anything Morrissey does until the Smiths reform. Otherwise the review is a result of dislike for Morrissey's public image and or recent/past actions and not a reflection of the quality of the actual music.

Who really cares? There's no need to take it seriously.

On the other hand a 5/10 review that made some solid and novel points about the record rather than regurgitating the same tired cliches and ignoring the music would be totally fine. It's just a bit disappointing to see reviewers write a review simply to advertise their bias. You hate Morrissey -- congratulations. But so what?
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yeah a lot of them read like they were talking about morrissey instead of the music. only the new pixies album got such obviously slanted reviews. i kinda like what pitchfork said about the new la roux album. not so much an eighties album but rather what people thought the eighties sounded like in there memory or as with most just based on what they read about the eighties.
Anyone giving it a bad review is either a bit of a div or someone who clearly hasn't heard it.
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