Need two Sandie Shaw versions to complete the list


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I was hoping someone here could help me out - I'm missing only two songs from the PJLM Smiths checklist, both obscure Sandie Shaw versions. They are:

1. Hand In Glove (alternate mix, 2:59) - from Tokuma Japanese CD release of the first album. This is probably the rarest one on the list, but someone has to have it.
2. Jeane (longer, 3:19) - from the Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness CD single or the Hello Angel album.

I have everything else on the list, a good bit of which I've obtained from the good people here, but I can't find these 2 tracks anywhere. If you're missing something but have one or both of these tracks, I'd be happy to trade what you're missing for them. I also have all the different Troy Tate versions and mixes, most of the better-quality live bootlegs, and a few Moz b-sides/outtakes. Please help the cause for obsessive compulsion! Thanks in advance.
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