need excuse to get Moz fan in sack

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  1. matt

    matt Guest

    Hey, welcome once again all Morrissey fans, big and small. As many of you know, my girlfriend is a real big Morrissey fan. He is all that she listens to and thinks about. I could care less about him. I need an excuse to be in the same bed as her, but she would never consent to renting a motel room together. So, I was hoping to drive her to a Morrissey concert a couple hours away so that she'd have to spend the night in a motel with me! Any one out there got the 2000 US & Canada tour schedule?
  2. Seasick

    Seasick Guest

    how sad.
  3. Brutalful

    Brutalful Guest

    Re: need excuse to get a life!

    Give it'll never add up to what she wants.
  4. Cat

    Cat Guest

    You're in luck.
    Sack are looking for another guitarist and they are only considering Morrissey fans for the position.
    Thus you don't need an excuse. You can just ask them nicely.

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