need a name for new Smith's tribute band

Oh my

Enough! or Too much
You should make a Rick Astley and the Blossoms tribute band....
Maybe the tribute band of a tribute band can be interesting.

Anyway... if some day I get bored, I will become an Elvis impersonator... it has a bizarre side that makes it funny.


The Punctured Bicycles.
The Monkish Monsignors.
The Unruly Boys. (or Girls, depending on the band members gender)
Slapheads on the Patio (skinhead band) It Was Really Nothing band plays a mix of Smtihs and Black Eyed Peas covers)


Free Speech is None of your Business
- I know it's not over
- The Smiths are not dead
- The Smiths are in a coma
- Strangeways...Here we are
-Don't stop us, although you've heard this one before
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