need a name for new Smith's tribute band

Hi all we thought who better to ask than smith fans . name for smiths tribute, gift voucher
to the winner. Bless you and thanks in advance

You could drop 'The' and go with, Smiths.

Morrissey and Marr's middle names; The Patrick Martin's.

Or, The Patrick Martins I quite like that one tbh.
The Joneses
The Joe Smiths
Vicars In Tutus - or just the Vits.
The Handsome Devils...
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These Charming Men, but just looked it up and you are out of luck.
Panic (The Sound of the Smiths)
What's In It For Me
How about 'Das Schmidts' - but you have to cover the songs in a German oompah band style, and wear lederhosen on stage? :unsure:
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