Nathan Willett (Cold War Kids) has a new Moz tattoo

"Nathan Willett has a new tattoo -it's something of a record-release gift to himself. The Cold War Kids frontman even tweeted the news recently, making sure to include a picture of the fresh ink. It reads, "Sing your life," across his forearm, a reference to an old Morrissey song.

"I got it five days ago," the singer reveals over the line from California, before recalling how it happened.

"It's funny," says Willett, who used to have a friend who was a tattoo artist. "I told him I wanted that tattoo 10 years ago." The friend, however, refused to indulge him . . . because Willett wasn't a singer -yet.

Times have changed, obviously. Willett's band has a new album, Mine Is Yours, out Jan. 25, and that's him urgently belting on the Cold War Kids' two previous releases, Robbers and Cowards (2006) and Loyalty to Loyalty (2008), as well..."

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