Nasa's Urgent Need For Urine!


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Yes, you read this right. On the CNN page there is an article about Nasa needing urine from workers to take with them into space. About 8 gallons a day are needed ( I never understood the point of why they needed the piss but I thought it was funny. Look for the story as well ( if you want ) on the MSNBC page. Ha. Go down to Cape Canaveral and donate your piss! :eek:


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Piss in space. I see we're marking our territory like the advanced beings we are.

oye terence

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that's a piss poor way to be running our space program,things have not run so fluid for NASA for a long while.


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I thought you were taking the piss, but here's the article.
Thanks, NRITH. If you look at the end of the article there's also something about space toilets :D (My childish humor about bodily functions will never change I'm afraid :D)
Actually they need the piss for testing for their drainage systems. They don't take the massive gallons of piss up into space for water sports or anything kinky like that ;)
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