Nancy Sinatra says Morrissey is her ''best mentor'' but she has lost touch

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    Nancy Sinatra on mentor Morrissey - TV3 Xpose
    Nancy Sinatra, 75, says Morrissey is her ''best mentor'' but she has lost touch with the former Smiths singer.


    The 75-year-old singer worked with the former Smiths frontman and her ex-neighbour on 2004 track 'Let Me Kiss You', which was penned by the eccentric star, and she learned a lot from him.

    She said: ''He was my best mentor in a way because he didn't have the self-serving thing that Lee [Hazlewood] had.''

    Though Nancy likes Morrissey's version of 'Let Me Kiss You', she thinks she did it better.

    She said: ''I like mine better. So does he!''

    However, the 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin'' hitmaker has lost touch with her pal in recent years and is desperate to reconnect with the singer.

    She said: ''I miss him. I can't find him. Maybe you should write that for me: where are you? Get in touch!''

    Nancy's earlier career success was partly guided by Lee Hazlewood, and her famous father, late singing legend Frank Sinatra, was delighted with her soul-influenced pop sound.

    She admitted to The Times newspaper: ''He was thrilled. He owned the label [Reprise] -- he wanted the records to sell.''
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    1. Anonymous
      Re: Nancy Sinatra, 75, says Morrissey is her ''best mentor'' but she has lost touch with the former Smiths singer.

      Oh no! What will AztecCamera blather on about now?!
    2. evennow
      Re: Nancy Sinatra, 75, says Morrissey is her ''best mentor'' but she has lost touch with the former Smiths singer.

      I swear you beat me to it! I was just signing in. No more long walks on the beaches of Malibu only to return to two plates of spaghetti, but one getting cold across from him as in the words of Nico "no one is there". Sad really ;)
    3. 21punksalute
      She thinks her version of LMKY is better? No wonder why Morrissey abandoned her.
    4. Anonymous
      She said that Moz thinks that too ...
    5. AztecCamera
      Ha ha ha ha! Bullshit or Boll Ocks. Pre fabricated tabloid trash so all the gay guys will still buy tickets and fantasize about a 3 way butt fuck spectacular with Damon. Remember, he has a crack marketing team that does their homework. I bet some stalkers from this site have found their house in Malibu and it's started again, just like his old LA house when they would hide in his trashcans.

      It is kind of creepy though they have been reading my posts here. Anonymous-
    6. evennow
      Wow, that is one of the most absurd and obscene sentences I have every read. You are the Shakespeare of BS.

      Now onto the real job at hand. Time to adjust your avatar given Nancy is out of the least for now. Leaving it just makes you look like you are living in the past.
    7. Staar_seed
      She doesn't know where he's at? Umm, he's on tour. Colorado to be exact.
    8. Anonymous
      Wasn't she just in one of his spoken word videos with him last year?
    9. Anonymous
      at 75, she no longer can do due diligence as a beard.
    10. celibate
      no, pamela anderson was the only female in the spoken words video's

      [If my hard disc memory isn't crashed]
    11. Anonymous
      she was in the world peace vid.
    12. celibate
      indeed, sorry my mistake, blame my doc, who numbs me brain with pills [thrills & bellyaches]

      thanks for correcting me

    13. ACTON
      Moz said he cried/almost cried when he heard Bowie's version of 'I know it's gonna happen someday'. Bowie's version is good but nothing compared to the original. So Moz's taste can be a bit dodge sometimes. He also thought Kristeen 'Screeching-Cat-Bashing-A-Keyboard' Young was a good opening act. He also likes Sparks (they are ok but not exactly the pinnacle of musical ability). He also likes the New York Dolls (they are ok but I would only see them in concert because they opened for Moz). He also likes Jobriath (give me a break). A lot of the songs on 'Under the influence' were crap too. That's just my opinion so I know beauty is all in the ear of the beholder.

      - - - Updated - - -

      She was also in a secret VHS tape with Moz, rolling around a disused railway line, but it hasn't been released yet.
    14. evennow
      :highfive: Right on! She opened for him at the Mann in Philly a few years back and thankfully we could sit way back at the top on the grass until the screaming stopped. It was like someone kept driving and reversing back over a cat and a keyboard for 45 minutes. YET...there are the KY lovers here so your point definitely holds water.

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