Name That Tomato! (and Other Gardening Topics)

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He should never have taken that psychotic bloody bird up that ladder with him. :(

Ah, yes. Easily acquired, are insect assistance injuries. At least you weren't standing over the marrow bed.

The marrow bed doesn't bare thinking about....:eek:


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I think there's something in the "infringo" suggestion, as it suggests a fringe of fingers, which one of the toms has. :) Maybe just "Fringo". It would have to breed true for that to be apt, of course.

Oh, sure. There are many mythical cats/lions in folklore, if you care to do the research on your own. I suppose any Egyptian cat god name would be appropriate. They protected the sun; sun and tomatoes need each other.

Cats in English folklore, however seems to be more often paired with witches (ie -- strong, intelligent, women :p). One cat that comes to mind is the cat Grimalkin, from Macbeth, who somehow had her paw lobbed off by some brute. The word malkin from her name it seems also to have some kind of smutty connotation. So, you see, cats, smut; something of appeal for everyone.

My guess is that if Grimalkin's paw hacked off took a life of its own and had lived on, it would resemble one of your tomatoes.

Grimalkin's Paw. Veddy, veddy, English.
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