Nalinee Darmrong interview in Washingtonian

Link posted by FROSTY (original post):

You’ve Got to See This Local Photographer’s Book About Her Teenage Years Touring With the Smiths - Washingtonian
By Greta Weber on June 8, 2016
Nalinee Darmrong captured the band at its commercial peak.

Just got the book through the post today.Yep, it's a great book.Loads of unseen photos of the Smiths.Really happy with it.
Nalinee Darmrong thinks that Moz is just starting to come out of his shell and do his own thing now. LOL.
" My experience of Morrissey—he was hilarious. He had the best dry wit, he was very gregarious. He was so happy to talk to fans and so grateful, and so humble. "

just ordered it via was out of stock
Dutch webshop price was Euro 47 ... [E46.something]

3 to 4 working days... to get it delivered

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