Nalinee Darmrong interview in Parklife DC

Another interview - the article mentions that it's possible to buy prints of Darmrong's photos from the gallery.

Don’t Miss: The Smiths: 1985-1986 @ Studio 1469 - Parklife DC
by Mickey McCarter


Nalinee Darmrong with some pix in her exhibit at Studio 1469 at an opening reception on June 17. (Photo by Mickey)
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Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today... or maybe I'm saddened by the lack of Moz news that would truly interest me (and MOST fans I'd wager- like a record deal or a new non email major publication interview) but I'm sick of seeing this woman's name pop up every other story. Seems like all the news we get these days is somebody flogging pics they took 30 years ago or announcements for concerts taking place too far away for most to attend (or worse- festival shows!) Yeah, okay, I AM in a bad mood today. Good luck Nalinee... maybe you and Salford Lads Club/Steven Wright can all do something together.


I'm not in a bad mood, and i am a bit tired of seeing those books. I want to hear some of the new songs, live. I sure do hope he extends his tour beyond Chicago, i would like to go to a few dates.


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the cover of the book is that a real photograph?... seems like, I won't
try to find out and ruin this great picture book with the Smiths on tour
1985/6 pictures.

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