Nalinee Darmrong interview in L.A. Weekly; exhibition in Los Angeles (May 2017)

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The Smiths Live on in Never-Before-Seen Photos Taken by a Teen Fan - L.A. Weekly


Los Angeles in particular has a deep devotion to the Moz (who lives here) and his former band, so it makes sense that Darmrong's first book event and release party would be here. In advance of her photo exhibit and signing at Mr. Musichead Gallery in Hollywood on Thursday, she spoke with L.A. Weekly about the book, the band and their impact on her life as both a photographer and music lover.

Link posted by Famous when dead:

Exhibition info - Musichead Gallery / Facebook


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Bull Ox mat inn nn it!! Reckon he lives in Sweden with his roomies Jake, Damon, and Michael Stipe so he "won't have to pay taxes". Morrissey would never live in America, especially LA. America is not the world...warm summer days indoors....bla bla bla.
are these new pictures which are not in her book, which I have, but puzzled that she now only has the LA pictures of the band, ones who not are in the book?

the book is fantastic by the way

confused on Dutch liberation day WWII



not confused anymore

oh no, it's just having her pics hanging in a gallery in LA, and you can come and watch and get
the chance to buy the book with autograph, well rather have Morrissey's or Marr's autograph on it though it's a great picture book, great , unique photographs, she was a lucky girl at that time, now a Lady and 'how to become a rich Lady part 6'...I wish her all the best
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The photo with flowers is lovely. That shy smile is priceless. :):cherryblossom:

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