Nadav Kander site features 2 previously unseen Morrissey photos

Previously unseen shots by Nadav Kander. Taken last August and originally intended to accompany 'The Guardian' interview, until Morrissey knocked them back in favour of the Jake Walters' shots.



Link to Nadav Kander site from Kewpie, links to large photos from Fuzzy.
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I love Morrissey with some of my heart, but i must say these two picture are terrible. The first one is scary the second one is pointless!


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Morrissey is so grumpy when he doesn't have a cat on his head.

Both photos are fine. Perhaps a little too stylized for Morrissey's liking; much like Christina Aguilera singing the National Anthem. Moz just wanted to get to the point, visually speaking.

That's my guess to why Morrissey was turned off by the photos in the first place.
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I like Jake's pictures better, too.

I agree with the person who said the second picture is pointless. I see no artistic value behind it - it's just a blurred photo of Morrissey from the nose down. The first picture is interesting, but awkward. I can see why Morrissey didn't want to use them.


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Jeezus, the second snap puts me in mind of the b&w photos of Jack The Rippers victims. Thought he might have quite liked that.


WHY did he reject these pictures? They are good, like the bottom one!

maybe he was refering more to the pictures with simon whatshisname whom he did a couple of shots together and not the single shots. at least simon seems to think that when you read the last parts of the guardian interview


He looks like a monster in the first one. And needs hair conditioner ASAP.


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he looks relaxed :thumb:

2nd pic is abit messed up, that's probally suposed to

can't read what's on his shirt, looks like a pixie or something like an angel

[no west ham 'boys' club, last place in the premier league, sadly]


Should have been the Swords album cover. On the Right it could have spelled out Swords from top to bottom. The bottom picture could have been the back with the album titles printed over it.


Odd pair of images - I don't think this photographer has much empathy with his sitter - Second one reminds me of a Robert Mapplethorpe image

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