mysterious Pet Shop Boys Fundamental UK cd

Pine Saul

Señor Member did anyone else buy the European version of this album? i just got a European version today, and it's making me wonder if i just got stuck with some pirated version??

the sleeve insert is a single slip of paper. sort of like what youd expect from a cd single. :p also, despite being a Parlaphone release, the only markings in the inside ring of the cd is "Pet Shop Boys" looking like it was lasered in using comic sans font. wierd.

also...there's a bit of what looks like Russian writing on the back tray cover. i guess it could be Greek.

oh more thing...the album has an unexpected extra 5 trax and all of them look like new songs.

Mein Tell 2 versions
Sorry 2 versions

is this what everyone in europe is getting too? thx 4 reading.
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