my top 10 morrissey/smiths album/single sleeve art

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1 The Smiths - perfect. Summed up the album, looked beautiful, had that subversive edge. Great film, too.
2 Everyday Is Like Sunday - he looks curious, shy, not sure if he deserves his place on the sleeve. The hair also looks legendary.
3 Ouija Board - one of his coolest pics. Most people think of him looking like that when they think of "morrissey."
4 You Are The Quarry - humorous, and a nice winston churchill reference.
5 Hand In Glove - for the buttocks, really.
6 Shoplifters - Elvis deserved his place.
7 We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful - nice sticker.
8 Let me Kiss You - elegant and kitsch and by far the best photo of all the quarry singles.
9 You Have Killed Me part 2 - looking at his watch. Pretty funny!
10 Heaven knows I'm Miserable Now - excellent choice of subject!


1) The World Won't Listen
2) Shoplifters
3) This Charming Man
4) Your Arsenal
5) The Smiths
6) Dagenham Dave
7) The Queen Is Dead
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
9) Viva Hate (original version)
10) Sunny (Don't quite know why, there's just something about it...)

Mark Long

I LOVE the cover for 'We Hate it When Our Friends...'
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