My Review of the Vegas show: 9/21/[email protected] the Pearl

Seemed everyone was on their best behavior this time, as no "Ewoks" or "Jabba the Hut's" were spotted. Morrissey sounded fabulous as expected. I fully expected the crowd to be lame, but they weren't. A few stage invaders, but nothing too crazy. Except for the one dude who got slammed off stage by the big bald dude, Message to you bro(big bald dude): CHILL!. I know you got it tough bra, and I wouldn't want your gig, but no need to injure/mame someone in the process of tossing them off stage cuz. I saw you literally TOSS someone into/at the barrier, which isn't cool man. Lot's of ways to get the point across, that's not one of them. My guess is: someone throws a lawsuit on you(and you could've had to pay out some serious wompom there big dude, you almost broke that dude in half)), you won't be slamming anyone again for a bit? I know folks lunge @ the PIMP of the World(That be Moz), but chill the f*** out, all right? Be NICE!! To the dude who got slammed into the barrier:Hope you're still able to function ok. The Security dudes sorrounding the stage were kinda douchey too, but they had a tough gig I'm sure. Still no reason for them to be shitty with fans, as quite a few were.

Folks actually were still waiting in line, when I came downstairs from my room. I walked out, and saw about 30 or so waiting by valet. They were ushered in, and most got right in the front, and, as I said, behaved themselves quite nicely, which I was impressed with. Not alot of hot womens @ this show as last time, but there were a few. The chick wearing the black dress, and high heels was hot, and kept showing me her ass, while her boyfriend was trying to get towards the stage. Honey, you would've been taken care of all night, I promise you.

I actually happened to win $500 Fri night, another $300 on Sat, didn't play Sun. I bought 2 shirts @ the show, and had a ball.

Whoops, now for the show:

Moz came out looking stellar,sounding stellar. The band was wonderful, not the old guard of course, but cool anyways. Boz was on fire this time, he was looking a bit "Eddie Van Halen-esque" w/his hands going up and down the guitar lightning fast. I was sooo happy to hear "Stretch out and Wait", and the new tracks(still no "Black Eyed Susan") were great. He gave the mic to Julia, who was boring and said "how are you doing?" when he asked her something. "Billy Budd" was a nice one to hear, as were: "PPPLMGWIW", and "DOADD". I've really learned to appreciate "National Front Disco" a bit more now that he did it Fri, all in all, a great show.

Oh yeah, Dude who wouldn't shut the f*** up when Morrissey was talking:

SHUT YOUR f***ING PIEHOLE ASSFACE!! It's not about you, it's about Morrissey. We didn't pay to see you/hear, or look at you, so shut your piehole, comprende? We didn't care what you had to say, and neither did Morrissey who told you to "shut up" twice.

Oh, this stupid f***ing girl that kept bumping into me all night towards the right side of the stage: f*** YOU!!! get there earlier if you want to get near the front tubby, don't try to push your way to it Grimmace, jeebus. I was around the area where he threw his shirt into the crowd, I already have one, complete, so, I didn't need to be nearly trampled to get it. Plus, mine's signed, cool shirt though.

I then went to "Rain" inside the Palms, as I saw mega hot bitches as I was walking to the restrooms, the dude working the door actually remembered me from last time, and slid me in the VIP section("Very Important PIMP":)), There, I had to endure some EXTREMELY shitty music, but the view of the wimmens was well worth it. I did get to see a chick from Santa Barbara show me her thong, which was very nice. Lets just say, I was able to score after I scored @ the tables. Samantha, you are why they created thongs my dear. I sent you a nice thank you gift, hope you like it.

As I said, nothing too bad to report on, except for the douchey at times security dudes. Crowd was cool and into the show, Morrissey(or should I say "Vladimir",as he coined himself) was the f***ing man!! You sir are the only true PIMP of the world, thank you for a great show.
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all i ask of you...
this is, quite honestly, one of the best concert reviews I have ever read.



HOLD THE PRESSES!!! the Pimp has a review.

you pay too much attention to the people around you. ignore them and pay attention to morrissey. I realize there may be a hot chick...but who cares. hot chicks are everywhere.
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