My parents wouldn't care of I jumped off a mountain.

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2003 (read-only)' started by Andy I., Mar 31, 2003.

  1. Andy I.

    Andy I. Guest

    The only thing I have in my life is Andy Rourke. Viva Andy Rourke!!
  2. Yeah, neither would most people. Like me, for instance.
  3. T.L.

    T.L. Guest

    Neither would Andy Rourke.
  4. Andy I.

    Andy I. Guest

    Re: I do know Andy Rourke wouldn't care if I killed myself infact I think he would be pleased!!!

    That way I would never bother Andy Rourke again.
  5. bratty

    bratty Guest

    I sure wont mind!!!
  6. We wouldnt care either,in fact,we encourage it!!!!!
  7. We sure as hell wopuldnt care....I insist..JUMP NOW!!!!!!!!
  8. Andy I.

    Andy I. Guest

    If you jump i will give you nice shiny nickle

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