My Morrissey Pilgrimage


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My dorky self is going to try and do a little writing about the Left Coast shows I'm about to make my pilgrimage to. Rather than make it a whole new blarg, I'm going to make some posts in the music site I've been writing for lately, (we mostly cover Louisville, KY and a bit of Indiana). I'll try to post what I can from being on the road, so don't expect anything fantastic, though nothing I write would ever be fantastic ;)

Here is my first post, and I'll try to do a little something about each show:

I'll try and get a few photos with my iPhone since I know how difficult it was to get a camera in for the west coast shows last time. I'm pretty sure the camera/security check at the Hollywood Palladium counted as rape, or something very close to it. Either way, I'll try to update as much as I can. Read it or don't read it, entirely up to you :)


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I have some more writings in the works, but I can't edit with photos and finalize posts on my phone. I've asked my other writing pals to see of they can finish up the pics and such, so look for some things about Vegas and Indie 103.1's Breakfast With The Smiths soon! I'll be doing a review from Pomona too, and that was an incredible show.


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It was good seeing you in LA, albeit briefly. I wanted to pass along some serious congratulations to you on your gifted LP. Totally amazing.

You're one of the few who not only seem to be "in it"' for the right reasons, but is able to maintain some normalcy and good-naturedness in the process. You must know what I mean by that...


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I'm enjoying the reading, Joey. Can't wait to hear about San Diego.

I had the same problem in Oakland with a vinyl. They said it could be used as a projectile, but they were much less strict and let me in.


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Awesome story Joey.

Was the album signed when he handed it to you or did you get it signed afterwards?

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I'm quite enjoying reading these! Sounds like it was amazing.
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