"My minor role in Morrissey’s latest outburst" by Joshua Surtees - The Guardian

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By Radis Noir on Oct 30, 2019 at 6:30 AM
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    Jul 1, 2019
    My minor role in Morrissey’s latest outburst - The Guardian
    By Joshua Surtees

    "I was invited by the singer’s manager to the Hollywood Bowl concert where he donned the notorious T-shirt"

    Joshua Surtees details how Peter Katsis invited him to follow Morrissey's US tour, how he (Surtees) struggled to find a publication to take the story, and when he did, Morrissey then refused him an interview.


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Radis Noir, Oct 30, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Posting these photgraphs is beyond any reason or empathy with the vicitms. Do you remember Morrissey saying that the Utoya massacre in Norway was "nothing compared to what happens at MacDonald`s and KFC every day"?
      He was not arrested for that comment nor did he have to pay the families of the victims. He did not even apologize. It was a white madman afraid of Islam who killed almost 90 young innocent people. How on earth can ANYONE defend Morrissey`s statement or call him a sensitive human being, a description Smiths fans would have given him right from the start of his career?! I don`t care if he wears political badges at all. I only judge him by what he says and all I can say is that he is the most self-rightous person I have ever seen. "I know I`m unlovable" was something he sang and if we felt so about ourselves, he was our spokesman. Today I would say, "Yes, you are unloveable and you are asking for it". His comments on Utoya are those he has to live with and he does not have the slightest problem.
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    2. Anonymous
      The code is not good. Typical Skinny rubbish and his bots at work.
    3. Nerak
      I can explain that - the Animal Liberation movement, which Morrissey belongs to, believes that animals are of equal value to humans & that animal slaughter is as bad as genocide. And it's only our speciesism (human supremacy) that makes us think otherwise.

      It's barking. But it's like a religious faith.
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    4. Anonymous
      When someone posts pics like these, all they’re displaying is their sociopathic tendencies. Funny how when a home truth about them is revealed, the abuse and trolling begins in earnest.
      Sad and pathetic, but so very them all over. If a certain ageing popster imagines they have humiliated Joshua, they haven’t. They’ve pissed away any last vestiges of dignity and regard their long-term fans still had for them. Pitiful and tragic.
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    5. Revilo
      It's not about equal value. It's about equal consideration of interests.
      All animals are different just like all people are different. "All men are created equal" doesn't mean that all people have the same capabilities. Some people are more capable than others. Our society simply makes accomodations based on capabilities. Saying: "Pigs are our equals, aren't they? Why don't we let them vote?" is like saying about a very weak person: "He's our equal, isn't he? Why doesn't he lift some hay?" or so on.

      In essence, it doesn't mean a pig is worth the same as a human. It just means their interests should carry the same weight as a human's interests. Just like a baby doesn't have the capabilities of an adult human, but their interests carry the same weight. Your will to live is worth no more than a baby's will to live, despite the fact that you're far more capable. Your will to live is worth no more than a mentally disabled person, even though you're far more capable.

      Do you still think that idea is barking mad?
      Do you believe that the reason we value humans over pigs is more substantial that arbitrary group preference or tribalism? If you do, what is a trait difference between pigs and humans that makes it acceptable to unnecessarily kill the pig but not the human?

      ,narek edoc ruoy otno m'I
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    6. Mozmar
      Not quite cracked it there mate, have you?
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    7. Nerak
      I didn't mean to be unkind about it. It's just that most people believe it's ok to eat or use animals & instead of realizing that animal liberationists are raising the status of animals to that of murdered humans, they think they're lowering the status of murdered humans to animals. Which is often what their murderers did.

      I think if they were less passionate about the cause they'd understand why they get that reaction. But they are passionate & we should probably just accept that's how they see it.
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    8. rifke
      ive told you before mozzer, you should ONLY do interviews with me from now on. I ONLY ask fun questions. when you sit down to do an interview with me you will have no regrets! no skewing of meaning to fit my own agenda! nothing like that! here's a template of the sort of things I would be asking:


      think about it and CALL ME, baby!!
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    9. Anonymous
      Hi Joshua

      Well seems to me what happened to you is quite simple: Morrissey couldn't find how to use you.

      Let me splain to you how this works :thumb: :

      At the bottom (literally sometimes) of the pyramid, the people who are on his payroll. Often not very intelligent, almost entirely devoid of qualms or backbone, in that category you'll find anybody who's easily bought, or prone to be seduced by the perks of fame by proxy. Musicians, manager, p.a, this category may include a family member. Sometimes they're so far gone they end up seeing themselves are important.

      Immediately below those you'll usually find a few fans, not regularly paid but acknowleged or nodded at once in a while as long as they are always seen and heard, on social media for instance, defending his good name. In this category you'll find lots of people looking for validation, and people who think that somebody famous and rich saying and doing questionable things gives them a free pass to do the same.

      Above those two categories, you'll sometimes see a celebrity around Morrissey, as he is first and foremost a fan boy. Now, those celebrities can be used as well. Often because they are more famous than Morrissey, or have more cred, and because being associated with them benefits him in some way. (Still wondering if Nancy Sinatra was used because of her daddy's name, or because Morrissey wanted to tap into the Vietnam Vet market...Mmmm. :lbf: )
      (A more minor category is the "old artist pal" category, which includes people who knew Morrissey "way back when" that sometimes resurface to tell us that Morrissey is not a racist. Morrissey probably sends them a Christmas card once in a while...)

      So basically, if you do not belong to any of those categories, Morrissey has no use for you. If you are a not-famous person of normal intelligence, with zero interest in becoming a minion, Morrissey won't be able to figure out how to use you. He'll be like a chicken with a Swiss Army knife.

      Oh, about "the people of colour" that Morrissey has over all the time for dinner? His manager probably meant the pizza delivery guy. :lbf:
      No, kidding, people of colour are welcome at Morrissey's I'm sure. If they have some kind of use...
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    10. Anonymous
      Thanks for 'splaining' skinny...

      "No, kidding, people of colour are welcome at Morrissey's I'm sure. If they have some kind of use..."

      Yep, there's always cleaning jobs to do around Moz's place.
    11. Anonymous
      Well, even if we really think that animals and human beings are equal in value (a question which I never ask myself) it is utterly insensitive to say something like that. I see the mindset behind it and anyone who knows Morrissey knows that he really thinks what he said then. His words "it is NOTHING compared..." are a cheap provocation. You don`t have to make a connection there, but Morrissey did. I am convinced that many many pigs are more sensitive and intelligent than many human beings! Morrissey was free to say these things and still goes on about Freedom of speech" being non-existent. There is no logic in that. "God come down if you`re really there `cause you`re the one who claims to care" You could change Morrissey`s lyrics and judge him by his own standards of sensitivity. He does not practice what he preaches. He does notz even care about his fans unless they worship him beyond reason. It has taken strength to be a fan and now it`s over, over, o-over.
    12. Nerak
      It might be insensitive, but it's how an animal liberationist sees the world. It's their philosophy. I was raised to believe that praying to Saints cures illness. A lot of people would find that offensive, but I can't help it.

      I don't think he really owes anyone anything, although he could do himself a favour & not annoy people quite so much.

      His voice is still amazing, he brings melodrama, pathos & humour to a song & his writing hasn't become crude propaganda. As yet. And I doubt it will. So I still love him.
    13. Anonymous
      If he did not complain about being mistreated and misunderstood, if he tried to explain himself instead of dropping a (metaphorical) bomb and remain silent, there would not be that much of a problem. I can not say I still love him and I identified with him more than usual: I had his haircut, I was hugely inspired by his lyrics in my own writing, I identified with the loneliness and despair expressed in his songs. But I can ot apply the adjectice "shy" to him any longer. I can only think of self-righteous and this is no misinterpretation. I have been really sad for years. Like when your wife has turned into a person you do not know and don`t even like. "Back to the old house" can never be destroyed but on his latest records there were things he would never have written in the old days and no-one would have loved him for them.
    14. Nerak
      I think it's anxiety, rather than arrogance. And I don't expect anyone to have the same uncalloused heart they had as a youth. Life hurts & it accumulates. He's wasting a lot of time battling the news, but if anyone could write truthfully & poignantly about age & death, it'll be him. So I hope he keeps working.
    15. Anonymous
      Like I said before, I have quit trying to find excuses for my former idol. Anxiety and self-righteousness don`t go together very well, do they. If for decades there is always someone else to blame for whatever happens, there must be something wrong. It is as easy as that.
    16. countthree
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