"My minor role in Morrissey’s latest outburst" by Joshua Surtees - The Guardian

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Radis Noir, Oct 30, 2019.

By Radis Noir on Oct 30, 2019 at 6:30 AM
  1. Radis Noir

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    Jul 1, 2019
    My minor role in Morrissey’s latest outburst - The Guardian
    By Joshua Surtees

    "I was invited by the singer’s manager to the Hollywood Bowl concert where he donned the notorious T-shirt"

    Joshua Surtees details how Peter Katsis invited him to follow Morrissey's US tour, how he (Surtees) struggled to find a publication to take the story, and when he did, Morrissey then refused him an interview.


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Radis Noir, Oct 30, 2019.

    1. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      Demographics are a big problem. A HUGE problem. England is dying because of mass-immigration and globalism.
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    2. Nerak
      I just think he's having a crisis. I respect his talent & wish he'd sort himself out. For his own sake. I don't need anything but his songs.
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    3. Nerak
      That's like saying we're becoming more Mormon because they've got a few centres & are always handing leaflets to people outside train stations. Different groups exist, it's not the end of the Nation.
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    4. Nerak
      It's not dying. It's having a long economic downturn. Everything that we love from tea to complaining about the weather is still here.
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    5. Nerak
      If I was going to clench my eyes shut to avoid seeing something it would be the racist posts on this site.
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    6. Stephen Hofmann
      Stephen Hofmann
      It's the end of old England. The England i presume that made people fall in love with The Smiths.
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    7. Anonymous
      Oh, yeah, it's just simple 'dhimmitude.' That's right. Not very Mormon-like.
    8. Anonymous
      Yes, it's very, very un-Sharia of reelfountain. Good thing.
    9. sycophantic_slag
      UM... GQ is not a "well-respected" magazine! Total trash journalism, and a joke.
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    10. Anonymouswithapologies
      after reading this article i concluded that joshua surtees is banal person, has diva expectations (he may be famous in his own circle, it's legit) and i'm glad morrissey refused to talk to him.

      this sentence is proof he'd misuse their contact for further political and semipolitical abuse of morrissey:
      Regardless, I spent the whole summer pitching the story to editors of various publications. Every approach was met with a similar response. They were all intrigued by the idea – a tour diary, on the road with Morrissey through Trump’s America – but despite giving it some thought, said it wasn’t right for their periodical.

      thank you, morrissey, for letting down this pretended person in doing his job.

      p.s. from my point of view, potential ethnical issue here is totally irrelevant - this is only matter of good or bad intention.
      my opinion is that joshua surtees came with fake good intention and was adequately rewarded with refusal. fair.

      p.p.s. and joshua surtees is angry for being left without money for 'exposing that threatening morrissey' again. oh. pitty. sorry, joshua, find another way for paying your bills. not with morrissey.

      his work and heritage are beyond that distorted and banal dimension you're trying to put him in.
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    11. Anonymous
      That's right. Hey Karen! How's the mirror site going?
    12. Nerak
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    13. rifke
      haha I hope Morrissey did that on purpose. that would be so fantastic.
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    14. Anonymous
      What a bottler Morrissey has become. Why did he cancel? Simple. Dear Joshua isn’t Fiona Dodwell. He’d have been asked real questions from a fan who’s not been bought off by his manager.
      Face it - we’ve lost our boy, as well as any respect we ever had for him.
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    15. Anonymous
      I see the usual doing their usual "white genocide" posts yet again. @Nerak, ignore them. They're nobodies. Trolling this site is the only attention and power they'll ever have. And they know that we all know this is the case with them.
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    16. PuppetParrot

      Skinny is "Nerak" code for something, whats the story behind this new alias?
    17. Anonymous
      Gosh! Morrissey’s in quicksand. The more he wriggles, the deeper he sinks. If his management did their job properly and got him to keep a dignified silence, it would’ve made The Guardian look hysterical.
      But no. He confirmed that which Joshua mildly hinted at in his original article, and now the damage is done. The man’s fucked himself over, good and proper.
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    18. Nerak
      That's probably very sound advice.
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    19. Nerak
      He didn't cancel, he didn't agree to a full interview. The invite was only to hang around the tour.

      I don't think he's mentally healthy enough to do interviews, unless his mental health was part of what the interview was about. We all know he would say something negative or contorted that would be interpreted as bad in some way. It always happens.
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    20. Anonymous
      If Moz hopes get his dignity and fan base back, then he needs to ditch the 'Freddy Starr trying to impress a much younger girl' look he’s rocking right now. It hollers, “Help! I’m having a delayed midlife crisis!” very much.
      Mind you, if he combined a Trump combover with the sort of moustache Ron Mael sported on ‘Top Of The Pops’ in 1974, The Guardian would be the very least of his concerns. :lbf:
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