My Mate Mozza...a book about fans


Evening all,

If you have a few minutes to spare, I'd just like to tell you about something I'm trying to put together and something that I'd very much appreciate your support with.
Meeting fellow Morrissey fans at gigs, meet ups and events has given me some very close friends and brilliant stories to tell. Something I'm very grateful for. I've wrestled with the idea for a while now, of writing a book that celebrates the rich tapestry of Morrissey fans, their stories and the contribution Morrissey and his music has made to their lives. Alas, 'MyMateMozza' was born. A title born out of the loyalty, closeness and friendship that Morrissey fans feel they have with him through his music and wider work.

MyMateMozza looks to interview fans from all walks of life, from all corners, with all tales to tell but it needs your help to happen. The twitter handle is @MyMateMozzaBook

I appreciate your time, and even a follow, RT or like on twitter would be grand. I've already assumed the brace position with two fingers on each hand up in the air for the slating I'll get from BBB and BB, happy days!

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Well that's an original idea ... Not

A book about people of no significant interest meeting the same.

Save your money it sounds shit

Yeah whatever

As the previous post says, don't bother. Look at the crap Mr Media Whore Dickie Felton wrote.
I have to agree. With all the Morrissey fan-created books in existence, not to mention blogs and social media pages devoted to Moz worship, this is well-covered territory nowdays. I wouldn't be interested in buying this book at all.
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