"my love life" or "paris"

speedfreaks ball

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no waffling explanations , a straight choice , just pick one over the other.
Paris by a MILE
My Love Life

The video is filled with wonderful shots of Moz when (I think) he looked his best *swwon*

Cheater! No explanations ;)
EASILY My Love Life...not a big fan of Throwing Meh Limbs 'Round Paris

Love PTxx.
I can have both (somebody had to say it).
My love life, any day, any time. '...Paris' doesn't do anything for me at all. That may change upon more listens but the lyrics seem weak to me.
I agree, not even close. My Love Life was recorded around the height of Moz's artistic and creative peak.

Paris is just.... there.
Wayy too hard to choose, but I wonder which video will be better?
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