"My Love, I'd Do..." and "All The Young People..." 7" sleeves

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Thank You, I have a thing to not go straight to the net if theres a chance to get human feedback first....guess no one knows much first hand about his work, thanks for the link :)

You should probably get into the habit of going to google first on things like this. If you want to know where to get a pizza you might ask friends. Bob Clearmountain has been very well known since, I believe, the 80's but I'm not googling it for you to make sure.

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So, as it seems unlikely that there will be a 7" release of the Bob Clearmountain mix of "All the young people must fall in love" (based on Moz pumping up "Back on the chain gang" as the next single), bets on when/if it will surface in some form or another?

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