"My Love, I'd Do..." and "All The Young People..." 7" sleeves

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    1. NealCassidy
      whens that?
    2. ExpectingToFly
      My Love... is a great song, one of the few highlights from the recent album. Not sure why he's not opening sets with that one. Loving 'Rose Garden' as the b-side, I thought that sounded great.

      All the Young People could've been good if it was recorded/produced properly. Sadly, they made a mess of that one in the studio.
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    3. dotmatrix522
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    4. Marco
      Huuuummm... I would be truly disapointed if this is to be for RSD, cause it is Always difficult to grab one, especially, if you don't live in UK, US... So, most of these ends up in ebay for reseling and, as Always, the price is not welcoming. So, I really expect that they have delayed, but still has an independente release.
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    5. Anonymous
      Those bar-codes tho...
    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      This is the most comprehensive list for pre-'selling in' of music in the UK - he's not been on one prior since Jacky's:
      Action Records replied to me with the single was 'blocked' (their term) and no further explanation.
      A bigger release list for next week will appear on Monday - I will post it then.
    7. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Is it possible that these are a (well-designed) hoax? I'm not claiming that to be the case, and I hope the three unreleased songs (2 live covers and a new mix of "All the Young People...") surface in one form or another eventually. It's just a bit odd that photos of these two 7" singles appeared out of nowhere.
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    8. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      My personal opinion - which will annoy our 'Slavik' friends: this is another situation where someone is dangling something under collector's noses. Much like the mysterious QID 7&12" that 'leaked' in one specific area of the world, coincidentally in to the hands of a large collector... there's a dodgy Rep, corrupt pressing plant or something not quite above board regarding how these come to be out in the wild (assuming they are real). The elephant in the room isn't our explanations for the lack of information, but the OP's lack of information/provenance/source - who better to know?
      Although ultimately the QID single was real, if you look at the total lack of clarity, how it was presented, the area of the world it originated from, the selling of items on discogs etc, etc... This all seems very similar indeed.
      As always: happy to be wrong. I will remain optimistically skeptical and sounding critical of people's behaviour until I know otherwise for sure - if that is taken as a personal afront, it is not intended. Asking questions in this situation is utterly reasonable - even if there's no answers forthcoming.
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    9. ordinaryboy86
      The “my love” single starting to appear on eBay, just seen a German seller list it, with a release date of 23rd March
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    10. Ryan
    11. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      The UK Amazon no longer says out of stock.
      It now links to just 1 new copy by a German seller/business with 85% positive feedback who has it listed (all one copy of it) as 'in stock' (£17.63). Ebay & Amazon sellers are both in Germany.
      The UK indies will have any official release info for all vinyl for the end of March soon - I'm keeping tabs on it.
      Would be nice if the things falling off the back of a lorry ceased and some reliable route to fans happened soon.
    12. Length
      I preordered from Amazon France as that was the only live listing I could find last week, they claim to be despatching it today. We'll see..

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    13. JoeSellMozza
      Pre-order of My love... possible via Amazon NOW (Release Date March 23)
    14. joe frady
    15. Anonymous
      The list of RSD releases is released tomorrow evening so we’ll know whether it will be out for that very soon.
    16. mcrickson
      Anyone suppose it might be a precursor to the LIHS deluxe edition?
    17. JoeSellMozza
      I don‘t believe we‘ll get a Deluxe Edition.
    18. Giant
      Sincere question. here: Who is Bob Clearmountain And what if I can find it online should I listen to?

      Merci D'avance,

      Robert Saint-Loup

    19. g23
    20. Giant

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