My Interview With !Viva Hate!

Got neither YET though you seem an expert on it for some reason.

How's it going with your decadent activity with Viva?

Strange how decadence and degeneration is found in communist states and the most extreme examples of capitalist states like USA.
That probably seemed much more profound when you were writing it in feces on the wall of your cell...

!Viva Hate!

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Not where you are!

Here we have to order a Peugeot from Serbia's war depot filled with guns and grenades and bullets and it only costs 16.000:- Kronor. But that junkie at the run down pizza place will get you one too on the cheap and you can admire his neck tats for free.

Yeah, I don’t really care. ?
When you’re back to talking about me let me know.

!Viva Hate!

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I'd go to great lengths to win your heart and more. Not some boring relationship but a stormy one where we are found dead on the run. A great movie with great actors to make us timeless.

Start going to those great lengths now. PayPal me some money.

!Viva Hate!

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How is the life of an escort in 2020?

The examples I used the other day were that fairly recently I made $100 dollars for 15 minutes of a guy worshipping my feet and I was paid $300 by a married guy to f*** him in the ass for an hour.

So, $400 tax free in an hour and 15 minutes is pretty good.

!Viva Hate!

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How do you make sure a client is safe? Do you leave info with someone close to where you’re going just in case?

No. I just don’t worry about it. I’m fairly confident that unless I’m bound, which is not something I’d ever agree to do again, I have zero to worry about as far as safety concerns. I have a gun and I’ve been trained in the ways to kill since I was a youth. You may think I’m joking right now but I’m dead serious. ?

Vegan Cro Spirit .777

Crackedpots, Bernie Bros/Bras are not allowed to carry.?
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