'Music Week' feature on Smiths 'Complete' says 'Moz likes it'

joe frady

Vile Refusenik
The latest issue of 'Music Week' (dated 21.10.11) has a project profile of The Smiths 'Complete', which consists of an interview with Dan Chalmers, boss of Rhino Records. He says that the project had been in the planning for over ten years but it wasn't until Johnny Marr went into Metropolis Studios in 2008 to set about remastering the tracks that the project took off. Regarding Morrissey, this ~

"There has been no official word, yet, from Planet Moz, but, Chalmers says, 'We hear he likes it. Seymour [Stein] took a copy to him a few weeks ago and we are told that the view was really positive"
Seymour Stein is president of Sire Records, v-p of Warner Bros. Records, signed The Smiths in the US, etc, etc.


Probably he was just sucking up to Seymour Stein.

In public he'll continue to rail against it because, in the UK at least, all his royalties go straight to the hate Mike Joyce. I think Morrissey has some way to go yet to pay off the full judgement against him.

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