Murray Chalmers posts "shameless use of a photo of me and Morrissey on holiday in Portugal" in new Courier column (February 16, 2022)

Did we discuss the newest Instagram picture by Murray Chalmers? An interesting person, very close to Morrissey (for a PR man). Morrissey looks very happy.


Shameless use of a photo of me and Morrissey on holiday in Portugal to point you to the link in bio to my new Courier column which is about the idea of a happy death. Read online or in the Courier today. @debbiedannell , I think you took this!

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When was that photo taken? Around '92? Bernard was better looking than Murray back around then 1990-92.

Acton might be your middle name but who are we to judge over the 2 men's attraction? Morrissey found him good company enough to go on holiday in Portugal with him. A very caring PR man, EMI had chosen.
I’m pleased they had a nice holiday
Together, single beds one can only presume??
Murrassey (I like that) has lots of tattoos nowadays. Wonder if he still has a fake "Honey" one too. Maybe like all the assistans, drivers and PR managers around that time. A certain code, oslt.
Maybe the bird-rescuing at Caroline Place would have been in 1989. Not sure if my previous post can be edited.
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