Mr. Demos YT: "Jeane" & "Wonderful Woman" early demos premiered (January 3/4, 2020)

A new channel popped up yesterday with a premiere for a demo of these things take time I asume to be the Troy Tate version because of the length

Added by joe frady:

They are pretty ropey, but then history often is.

"Slowly degrading in a box since 82/83"...well, haven't we all?

So, Mr Demos is 'premiering' "These Things Take Time" on the 1st of June 2020...

Birthday Gift from Joyce, Michael...?

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Famous when dead

Not sure this is Dale's work given his prior comments and stating he had nothing left to share.
If it is the fabled 'definitive' version of Jeane - that's excellent news.
We will know shortly.
Edit: took the liberty of adding the Jeane video to the OP mentioning the channel.
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Famous when dead

Well, it's very quiet (understatement).
I've not got the time to check, but this is new to me if real - unless it's a soundcheck or similar.
The lack of information on the channel isn't helpful.
Here's the MP3 (without any padding):

I can't afford to supply ear trumpets with the file.
I'm sure its provenance will become clearer.

(@DavidA !?)


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If I heard correctly there two lines in the lyrics that differ from the versions we know (or at least from the ones I know).

"I'm not sure what happiness means". He sings something else. It starts with "I'm not sure..." but I didn't understand what he's singing instead. Didn't sound like the usual line to me though.

And at the end he sings "It's too late, it's too late" instead of repeating the "We tried and we failed" part.

Famous when dead

It's a toughie. There's elements of his voice that are right sounding - other bits so-so.
The guitar is well 'Marred' too.
All the variations of this track are reasonably well polished - even the 'demo' version we already have.
It would figure a proto-version on tape might exist from its earliest time of writing,
but it has certainly escaped the history books for almost 40 years if real.
If it's a troll - then they're a waste of flesh.
If it's real, then good news.
(Trying to remain open-minded is really hard sometimes!)

Ketamine Sun

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Moz or a damn good (at points) impersonation of him. If fake, then the change of lyrics at the end was a clever move. Maybe with “These Things Take Time” we’ll be able to tell.

Bring it on !


I had both of these emailed to me. Very strange indeed. I questioned who it was and they replied that they want to stay anonymous for legal reasons.

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