Mporium (UK & US) new pre-order shirts available





These new additions/variants are not showing on the US site currently.
Due to ship May 10th.

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Why is it that Steven uses old photos of himself for these t-shirts?
Reckon he may have a problem looking in the mirror and cannot deal with the “Quilloughby“ he has become, innit !!!


Benny 🇬🇧 :knife:
Vaseline Finger, Diesel kneeling before him, maybe?

Benny 🇬🇧:knife:
Moz will always be beautiful!!! It has charms that transcend the physical appearance!!! But in my opinion he continues to be attractive, he has sweet blue eyes and unrivalled gestures, my Mozzy is very charming
I'm curious as to why two of the t-shirts apparently feature the white rose of York.
Curiosity killed the prat.

That must have sounded so clever when you ran it around your head. And yet, as soon as you typed it in and hit 'enter' you realised that all you'd actually done is made an enormous tit of yourself. Never mind, better luck next time eh?
A middle finger. How juvenile, witless and -- in the end -- impotent. Giving the finger signifies nothing, it changes nothing; if your only option is an empty gesture, you have no options. Just like those "f*** Harvest" T-shirts this shows how devoid of intelligence the man (and yes, no matter what he says, he is indeed a typical late-middle-aged male, with all the typical delusions of grandeur and pet hates) is these days.
I have zero idea how you can look at Morrissey's interviews & think they're typical of old blokes.
The bitterness, nostalgia for the past, grumbling about the present, the petulance, sense of entitlement, paranoia...

You've not been reading them properly - he's a minority artist who has always seen himself under or misrepresented in popular culture. He's very warm about anything that struggles to be heard, or has died trying & is infuriated that the business irons out quirks for mainstream consumption.

The fact he's 61 & never compromised with all that malarkey is pretty impressive, but it makes a career even harder.

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