Mporium (UK & US): 50% off all clothing (November 22, 2021)



"All Clothing is now Half Price for a limited time only."

Via marketing email & FB.


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KW is a joy wonder.
I wonder if she’s taking advantage of the Moporium discounts🧓🏻
I’m going to displace Pink Floyd with Kim for the remaining half hour before rest time. X


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Janice ....
Kim nearly finished....

Give me a fave album of yours to play on Alexa.... something mad please 🥰
Close 1985. KW
If you like PF, then Meddle, DSOTM or Animals. Or Latter day, DB 🔔

Can defo see Kim in a pink Trouble Loves me hoodie. Beautiful gal x


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I love wearing my Moz t shirts, people always make comments and strike up conversations with me .
I’ll be wearing my Smiths, Sheila T
On Friday when we go see the Smyths this Friday
Saw these in 2018
After going through all Smiths numbers, they covered a few M solo, the singer making a remark prior along the lines of “a few Morrissey solo numbers now. These are from the days before he started saying silly things” 😏

Johnnie Ray

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If anything I wear my Morrissey T shirts even more now. The chance of upsetting a fragile snowflake into a fit of hysteria just by me wearing a Moz shirt? Man it's the gift that keeps on giving!
You sound like a Kid Rock fan...he's probably more your speed and fragile snowflake?? Morrissey is the undisputed KING of fragile snowflakes!!!


Where is mi Moz ?. I miss it!!! Moz I want to know of you some photo something ... MOZUCHISS appears!!! My life!!!!!!

You!…shut your mouth!

I don't get the effect either but I'm damned if I'm gonna avoid wearing a shirt with someone's face on it for fear of offending complete strangers, especially when the face on the shirt is of someone whose music means a damn helluva lot to me.

Most people in Australia think he was the lead singer of the Doors so it doesn't come up.
I don’t wear his t-shirts anymore because he’s become embarrassing, he now confirms the charges of being a high maintenance pre-Madonna that’s been too rich & famous for too long now.
When I once I would listen to what he had to say… now I just think he’s a strange old queen who avoids Tax in Hollywood.
He’s not the sage he thinks he is…or the sage I thought he was.


Dear Morrissey,

The Brexit nonsense which you supported precludes me from buying your clothing products, unless of course you would be kind enough to pay the customs charge on my behalf.

Thanks for being you.
Well. Its style that precludes me .

What the political beliefs of the people who where clothing you do buy. The mobile phone you use etc

Why a grown adult would want to buy morrissey clotting is beyond me.

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