Mporium (UK & US): 50% off all clothing (November 22, 2021)



"All Clothing is now Half Price for a limited time only."

Via marketing email & FB.


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Dear Morrissey,

The Brexit nonsense which you supported precludes me from buying your clothing products, unless of course you would be kind enough to pay the customs charge on my behalf.

Thanks for being you.
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Ketamine Sun

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Are you afraid that it will make you look just too gorgeous!? The amount of unwanted (i.e. wanted) female attention I get when I wear my Kill Uncle tour T-Shirt is just ludicrous.

Like bees to honey, when I wear my
Sitwell shirt!

But of course that has more to do with Edith than with me. :(:lbf:


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I don't think these t-shirts get printed till they are ordered tbh. So no clear out required. I'm just guessing. Tbqh.
Some of the stuff is clearly left over things from the Las Vegas residency / Chicago meltdown. And we were told he sold lots of merch in Las Vegas. Some here may remember:)


Pity it's not 50% off postage. This shop has some of the most expensive shipping I have ever seen.

Bosnia Bob


99% of all merch gone, peeps.(y)

Rubbish. Plenty of stock left in ALL sizes.

Loads of stuff from “record-setting Vegas merch-sales residency”.

…and although not quite yet 50% off, the latest 3-4 album presses are all readily available at a sharp discount as well.

Better for the company and planet to sell cheap and recoup costs, than ship to the landfill. Expect further discounts on these soon!


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Where is the Smiths merch??
I'm fairly sure there is no such thing as legal Smiths merch, due to the ex-members inability to work together. Anything you see online is a bootleg, so pick your poison.

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