Mporium UK: new T-shirt additions (11 September, 2019)



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I agree. It ruins the shirt for me. Such an odd, random and sloppy placement of the text.

the pink one would look a lot nicer with just the image without the text obscuring it.


Elsie was always in Hilda's and Stan's home, so I guess the photo could be right...either way its a top shirt.
You Solowers really should start reading Following The Mozziah - it always has the answers. If you read this entry it explains about Elsie’s ducks:

And whilst I’m here, here is today’s FTM which gives a breakdown of the 16 pre-show video clips that are being shown on the screen prior to Moz taking stage:

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I dunno, at 46 I'm kinda past the phase of walking around with Morrissey's face on my torso.


the pink one would look a lot nicer with just the image without the text obscuring it.
Agreed. As would the Pat Phoenix one (I know it's not obscuring the image, just think it'd be a better shirt if it was just the photo)

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Not a Getty tag fan, but here's the source image:


Slightly different explanation via 2 Corrie uber fan site's information:

"The pride and joy of No.13 resident Hilda Ogden were the flying ducks on her ‘muriel’. They have become Corrie icons as much as Hilda herself over the years. They appeared on Hilda’s wall from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. One of the ducks infamously would be seen diving into the sea on the mural, and apparently Jean Alexander, who played Hilda, would check this before filming.

The flying ducks did appear on the show before debuting on Hilda’s wall. Next-door neighbour Elsie Tanner (No.11) had some on her wall and they were seen in the very first episode in 1960 as well as during the 1960s. But it seems that Hilda never bequeathed them from Elsie. In fact, she acquired them from her Auntie Aggie as she told Sally Webster in 1987. Flying ducks were common ornaments in homes across England at the time."

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