Mporium (UK) Hammer Smiths Ltd Edition Tour T Shirt (March 17, 2023)


Only being sold until the 25th of March.

Image: Johnny Morrissey
I'm not sure there's anything too coded in this shirt.
It used to be called the Hammersmith Apollo/Odeon - hence the play on its name.
Adding a non-Hammersmith player who happens to have Morrissey in his name is probably further evidence of less thinking than more.
I think he does nothing without thinking too much about it, so it strikes me definitely as odd. And with the recent unprompted praising of the Smiths in his interview with Fiona I think I was not so far off with my assumption that it was a nod to the Smiths of some sorts. Not saying that it means something groundbreaking at all. But it seems it was on his mind lately.
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