Mporium (UK) 25% off all clothing - 24hr flash sale (20 June, 2019)


I wonder if The Smiths get any cut from those saint Laurent shirt sales?

If so... I’m sure Morrissey will be getting the largest cut, since he was the most important member of that band.

No debate.
4 people on the shirt. Does Morrissey get to take monetary credit for images of the others? Looks like a 25% split to me and everyone who’s not a complete, tube-dwelling fuck-tard.

...which everyone around here knows you are. ;)
Joyce would assume 25%
Joyce is 25% of that image and 25% of most of Smiths songs, bitch.

Know how you can tell someone with ZERO musical talent or experience in a band?

They write off the rhythm section on classic tracks, as if they’re secondary to the sound.

Get a fucking clue, ya wee daft twat.
Sweet UFC “Tap-out” style font on that hoodie. They’re just clearing these out so they can make room for the new Son’s of Anarchy style biker vests.

Sales are guaranteed to reach the top-5 in Poland!
Apparently, next week will see 50%* off all racist slurs. *no money back guarantee.
Additional support for Waters.

Fur Britain slogan on white cotton tee. Limited to 200,000,000.

Blood money accepted.
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