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By Anonymous on Apr 1, 2019 at 7:05 PM
  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Don't know if this has already been posted but on M porium they are calling out to fans for photos to make up a photo book. Thought people might find this of interest.


    We are calling for submissions for a limited edition book documenting magical moments experienced by fans from all around the world. Did you get married wearing a Moz or Smiths t-shirt? Maybe you met the love of your life wearing a piece of merchandise that sparked the initial conversation? Did the music soundtrack an important experience in your life? Did you keep any of your concert ticket stubs, flyers or posters? Perhaps you have a rare or unusual item that you cherish?

    We are collating photographs of Morrissey and The Smiths fans from around the world wearing t-shirts, with other memorabilia or just capturing a special moment in their lives with the help of Morrissey and The Smiths. Every photo will be accompanied with a sentence or two by each fan, detailing why that moment was special in their life.

    To submit a photo use the form below...
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Apr 1, 2019.

    1. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead

      Submission form:

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    2. NealCassidy
      Skinny has fond memories to contribute
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    3. Alexi
      81B73EBD-9870-417B-97C7-17CA6CF1BAC4.jpeg A nice birthday book is also being compiled via “ letters to Morrissey”
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    4. The Seeker of Good Songs
      The Seeker of Good Songs
      "Did you keep any of your concert ticket stubs, flyers or posters?"
      An entire chapter could be devoted to ticket stubs of cancelled shows.
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    5. gordyboy9
      Being name checked in films millions will see,new music on the way,books in the pipeline,tour on the way and to think this time last year he was finished on here,hail hail M.
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    6. gordyboy9
      the stones have just cancelled their whole Canada and America tour this summer so I wouldn't say he was the only one,selena Gomez cancels shows if she has spot on her beak.
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    7. Anonymous
      So did massive attack
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    8. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      Last night I had a bowel movement while listening to “World Peace Is None Of Your Business.”

      It always does the trick.
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    9. Anonymous
      Your bowel movements are none of our business...
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    10. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      Slack tuss may has cancelled brexit, does this apply????
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    11. Bill Zero
      Bill Zero
      Give us your special life moments for free so that we can make cash out of them.
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    12. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      They could be to to the dumbos on here as this is their only concern,, talking shite, eating shite, and finally looking shite
    13. AztecCamera
      Kylie you rock!! Superstar!! The queen is not dead (ha ha), because you are the queen of the Agoura Hills office! This is so bitchin'. You get the foreigners in Brittin to do all the leg work and then we just slap it all together and they buy it up faster than they buy Big Macs or anything with a Nike swoosh on it while hoping and praying that The California Son tours their country in 5 years. I think you have earned lil' Sammy's Dodger season ticket while he is pussy whipped in Nashville. You will be sitting right next to Uncle Steve and Aunt Nancy!!!

      Keep Rockin'
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    14. Carlisle baz
      Carlisle baz
      Get it right’s Cumbrian son.. all those golden venues in the sun....
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    15. ACTON
      No interest in looking at a book of photos of Moz fans. What a complete load of bollox.
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    16. celibate
      David Tsjeng had a fanzine before he started Morrissey-solo....let's try to get Morrissey-solo in the book, or His fanzine ; Sing Your Life [If me memory won't let me down, which happens more than often]...David kept the site going, also between his 7 year without an album...
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    17. SuedeMoz
      Yes, Sing Your Life was an ace fanzine - still have my original copies.
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    18. gordyboy9
      66 messages in 13 years,enough said.
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    19. Mauricey
      Didn't they do something similar for Kim Jong Un?!
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