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Famous when dead

Is the Janice Long People are the same Everywhere the vinyl rip from the Playboys b-side?
I'm not in to check which versions were used in the NHS, but for anyone interested...
2 "studio" versions exist:

1. Studio in session - recorded at Temple Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland. The show was aired on 20 November, 2011 on The Sundance Channel in Canada. - found on 25 Live.

2. The Janice Long Show - Maida Vale, June 2011 - found on Internet recordings and B-side of Playboys release (referred to as the 'BBC live' version).

I believe the link provided links to both versions. I will check if Janice is a vinyl rip or not, but there's no official digital Janice version of it unlike Kid's A Looker...
Edit: checking my notes - there is a digital version of People.. performed on Janice Long on a CDr promo. I will put it out as a request as it will be an upgrade in quality.

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