MP3: "Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?" - MIKNNA remix (in full) & remix edit (official digital)

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As Bobby... has just featured in the A-Z:
Here are the two official MIKNNA versions of the track.
SER appears to have shared a crop of the full version.
The full version runs at 3:41
The edit has an ending and is 3:03 - so neither track fades out.
The artwork is real and it appears the edit was meant to be packaged with the single.
MP3 @256kbps CBR - this is the highest BR available to date.

(Should add: the edit isn't just a crop of the full length version).

Please note: this is now being sold via a Finnish digital music shop.
See here for details.


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Ketamine Sun

Yeah. You’re looped, for sure. I don’t even know what that garbage is. The original was bad enough. Sounds like Sam gave up the cheap crack of Photoshop for the free version of Fruity-Loops. Doesn’t matter how low the bar goes though, does it? You’re ALL in, aren’t you? lol!



Throbbing Member
I don’t dislike it. It’s pretty ordinary.
If I’d made it myself on LogicPro I’d be pretty pleased - what does that tell you?

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