Mozzer mentioned again on BBC Radio 4's The Archers



In today's lunchtime episode (originally broadcast Wednesday 25th July) Chris Carter discusses his best man's speech that he's prepared for the marriage of Fallon Rogers to police constable Harrison Burns. When told by his wife Alice that the speech is a bit dull he says he knows little of Harrison's life before he arrived in the village of Ambridge - only that he used to be in an Smiths tribute band. The joke was that he'd gone "from Mozzer to rozzer" - rozzer being a term for a police officer.

As readers may know, the actor who plays Harrison is James Cartwright, who played Morrissey in the film 24 Hour Party People, but I understand his part was cut from the film. Maybe he appears in any extras or whatever on a DVD?
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Oh how do I change the title of this? It's supposed to be Mozzer not Moser. Bloody computer.
press the edit button.dont think anyone will mind,we know what you mean.
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