Mozz & Morricone: "Dear God..." in studio (video)


Wow! A big thank you for whoever posted this video. Absolutely amazing footage. Watching Morricone at work is like watching a master. I must say I prefer the version of this song which was on the album, but neither the less it is fascinating to see this particular work in progress.

Morricone is a highly respected master who is in music business since in 1950s.


no hope no harm
thaaaaaaaank you!!!!!!

Black Eyed

Isn't he gorgeous !!
Whether its oirevas76 or Roys Keen, thank you so much for that link.

How lovely to see genius at work:):)

King Leer

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Priceless video -- thank you to the people who shot it, posted it, linked to it here!

In addition to Chi Mai (and maybe moreso), it sounds like the violins in "Come un Madrigal" from Dario Argento's Four Flies on Grey Velvet soundtrack.

Beautiful as it is, I can see why the strings were dropped (God, I wonder who had that conversation with Mr. Morricone). I agree with the poster who said the silences emphasize anticipation for Morrissey's voice.

Still, amazing to see and hear this!


Uncle Killer
i cant play mp4 :( why not ? cant seem to find it on you tube, any help?



human bean
Absolutely beautiful. I agree. Much better than the album version.

Thank you.
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