Mozz & Morricone: "Dear God..." in studio (video)


Re: Morrissey & Morricone: "Dear God..." in studio (video)

Thank you very much Roy and oirevas76.

Is there any chance uploading it on youtube? :)


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Wow. One of the posts of the year. I'd rather not Youtube it, but if no-one else does...

For those who've not seen it, it's Visconti, Moz, Boz, Jesse, in the studio listening to playback of an early version of Dear God Please Help Me - about 90% of the strings never made the final cut, but you can hear them here. You also see Morricone conducting the orchestra.

Great post.

THANK YOU!!! (I say this, not even able to download it until I get home in 3 1/2 hours. But you had me at - video.... Mozz... Morricone... and "Dear God..." :o)

EDIT, now that I've seen it:
WOW! Christmas came early this year! :D That was BEAUTIFUL. :tears: :sweet:
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Where is this from? The RotT bonus DVD?

No, it's a scoop from Roy's friend oirevas76.

According to :

The 'CD+DVD' edition of the album includes a DVD featuring the video of "You Have Killed Me" as well as footage of the recording of the latter and the "In The Future When All's Well" video. The UK/Europe edition also includes a poster.

Hey, it's not mine, I just got sent the link. Thanks to Ripper.


Yes, I've already thanked both Roy and oirevas76, but millions thanks again!!
They have legendary status in here. :)

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Watching that feels like being in a beautiful gothic church and catching a glimpse of heaven.

Those strings are beautiful -- so cinematic (of course). I wonder if they'll ever release an alternate version with all the strings?


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Thank you so much! What program is everyone viewing this in? I've chosen itunes and the quality is terrible.:(
wow, THANX!!!!

reminds me a bit of Morricone's "Chi Mai".
I remember when I first heard "Dear God Please Help Me" and thought: 'WTF? This is Morricone? Never, this can't be Morricone."
but this, THIS is Morricone!
Brillant, just brillant. I really hope for a new version of this song which will contain these strings.
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