Mozipedia (US edition) now has an official publication date of September 28, 2010

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Simon Goddard says:


The US edition of Mozipedia now has an official publication date of September 28, 2010.

It comes out on the Plume imprint of Penguin/Viking and at full price will deprive the American wallet of no less than three Hamiltons. But those global bargain-mongers at are already pre-ordering at $20. By my reckoning that’s roughly the same as a good lunch in New York’s Village Natural (who do the best vegan tiramisu on the planet) so almost “a snip”.

The book is exactly the same as the UK edition (bar one new entry for Swords if the typesetter can find a way to cram in, or possibly not) but at least it means that anybody in the Land of the Free who wishes to read it no longer has to pay silly money to get one shipped over from Blighty.

By pleasant coincidence September 28 also happens to be the birthday of Mozipedia entrant Brigitte Bardot, who’ll be 76 this year.



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This is cool. I'd definitely recommend the Mozipedia. It's not something to read from cover to cover, but it's great to flip through when you're in for a quiet night, listening to Moz/The Smiths :)
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